Executive Coaching and Professional Mentoring

Sporting organisations like any organisations in business today are facing changes that are happening at an incredible rate. Change is now an inevitable part of every business and coaching and leadership development assists in navigating these constant changes and demands.

For those working at a senior level, chances are they have either studied, trained or they ‘know’ a lot. But somewhere there’s a gap, or a barrier, or a challenge. Coaching focuses on getting participants knowledge into action. A coach will challenge existing perceptions, open up new possibilities and help create new ways of achieving the desired performance outcomes.

Our approach to Professional Coaching involves working alongside the person in a two-way collaborative approach. Each coaching and mentoring program will be customised to meet the individual needs and timings of each participant.

The specific means by which a participant reaches their desired outcomes will be dependent on their organisational context, level of commitment to the program, their personal circumstances, the feedback they receive and the progress and level of performance they achieve on their growth journey.

The coaching sessions will allow participants to:

  • Learn how to manage the behaviours that hold them back from optimal leadership.
  • Understand the key strategies for building work relationships and helping them to answer the question all leaders face “Why should anyone be led by you?”
  • Develop more effective communication and influencing skills for managing up and down the organization.
  • Gain mastery over the one skill (EQ) that research has identified as the most consistent predictor of success in the workplace

Goal setting for the duration of the Coaching Program is established with the participant and a written development plan is prepared covering areas of both work and personal development.

The face-to-face meetings with the participants will be conducted to discuss progress, provide feedback and set direction for on-the-job activities to be completed the following session. Throughout these sessions, the Coach will provide ongoing monitoring, feedback, and fine-tuning for the participant either by email and/or telephone support.

The key process involved in Coaching is focusing on the individual’s mindset and how to get more from them, more easily and more effectively. The coaching sessions will:

  • Open up new opportunities and options for learning and development solutions
  • Act as a catalyst for change by impacting on the way participants learn.
  • Ensure the acquisition of skills and knowledge through targeted mentoring.
  • Raise an awareness of blind spots in professional effectiveness, including gaps between expectations of self and others, or attitudinal and values issues.
  • Enhance long term retention by giving participants stretch goals and targeted development.

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